Mar 10. Peace Out…
March 10, 2010

or should i say, “piece” out?…

anywhoo, i don’t know if anyone actually reads what i write here but a few weeks ago i posted a blurb about slowing down  the frequency of the illustrations once i hit 50 (read the post here).

today’s illustration is number 49  so, expect a little more time than the usual 1 day between  PACKED illustrations after tomorrows post.

that said, i’ll still do my best to keep you posted on other stuff i’m working on, including (but not limited to) other PACKED related stuff.  more on that “stuff” tomorrow but in the mean time, if anyone out there has any good ideas for creative/practical/commercial (yes, i’m not above selling out) uses for the illustrations in this blog LET ME KNOW!

have a great day and remember to tune in tomorrow for PACKED#50!!!