PACKED (the book) FINALLY AVAILAMABLE… Just in time for the holidays!!

PACKED (the book) has finally arrived.  It’s a collection of “limericky” style poems (that read like extremely short stories… that rhyme) each inspired by one of the lethal ladies from the original PACKED series.

The book is “pocket (stocking stuffer!!) size” at 5×8 inches (13×20 centimeters), features a full color cover and 60-pound (90GSM) uncoated cream-colored paper.  The textured, low-contrast paper gives it a decidedly edgy lo-fi feel and compliments the one-color graphic style of the PACKED illustrations perfectly.

Check out a low res preview below but keep in mind, it does NOT do the actual book justice.  I’ll post photos taken from a real life, honest-to-goodness, hard copy over the next few days.

A Lovely Little Col…
By Frank “Franx…

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