Mar 11. FIFTY!!

here’s the last of the original PACKED series.

i’d like to thank everyone for checking out my little new year resolution/(almost) daily/art/illustration/street fashion/weapon blog. i appreciate all the comments and support i’ve received over the last few months.

feel free to congratulate me:)

thanks all, really…

P.S. i’m thinking about compiling them into a book… any thoughts?


6 Responses

  1. Congratulations! And I’d definitely be interested if you compiled them into a book!

  2. these ladies are hot and they should be in a franx book!

    congrats on 50!

  3. thanks guys:)

  4. I would love these to be in a book! They are awesome.

    • NO! you’re awesome! thanks Kelly, i’m working on it.

  5. Happy 50 franx!

    I vote yes for a book! On the site is great and everything but having a book would be straight up dope!

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